Cervicogenic Headaches: An evidence-led approach to clinical management

by admin on September 5, 2011

The International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy recently published my paper on the clinical management of cervicogenic headaches.  The paper provides a background and etiology, as well as assessment and evidence-led interventions.  In the paper, I describe how Janda’s Upper Crossed Syndrome is typically present in patients with cervicogenic headaches, and discuss specific clinical tests to lead to an accurate diagnosis. Interventions such as modalities (TENS, Low-level laser therapy), manual therapy, stretching, soft tissue mobilization (Graston, ASTYM), and therapeutic exercise are also discussed.

Abstract: Cervicogenic headache (CGH), as the diagnosis suggests, refers to a headache of cervical origin. Historically, these types of headaches were difficult to diagnose and treat because their etiology and pathophysiology was not well-understood. Even today, management of a CGH remains challenging for sports rehabilitation specialists. The purpose of this clinical suggestion is to review the literature on CGH and develop an evidence-led approach to assessment and clinical management of CGH.

Download the article here: Page P. 2011. Cervicogenic headaches: an evidence-led approach to clinical management. Int J Sports Phys Ther. 6(3):254-266


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